Bargain retailer B&M says Kylie Minogue is less famous than Kylie Jenner in soft furnishings trademark dispute

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Minogue's business partners want B&M to pay £10,000 in damages (Source: Getty)

Bargain retailer B&M has called a legal claim made against it by Kylie Minogue "greedy" and defended itself by saying that the singer is less famous than reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

Home furnishings designer Ashley Wilde and Minogue have launched a legal challenge over B&M's use of the name "Kylie" on some of its bed linen products.

The claim says that the products deliberately imitate the "Kylie Minogue at Home" range made by Ashley Wilde.

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But a spokesperson for B&M said that the products were nothing to do with Minogue and called the claim "greedy" for attempting to take ownership of a popular name.

"There are millions of people called Kylie on the planet, and today the most famous is probably Kylie Jenner who has 100m Instagram followers (against 1m for Ms Minogue)," said the representative.

They added: "We wish to stress that everyone at B&M thinks Kylie Minogue is amazing and super talented. We love her music but we think it's greedy of her business partners to think you can own a popular first name."

The B&M products in question have been renamed "Camilla".

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But B&M says it is still being asked to pay £10,000 in damages in order to get the suit dropped, which it currently refusing to do.

This is not the first time the two Kylies have clashed over their first name. In 2015, Jenner attempted to trademark the name "KYLIE" in the US.

Minogue's team hit back with its opposition, saying that Jenner was a "secondary television personality".

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