This London Tube map shows the busiest evening times for key Zone 1 and Zone 2 stations

Rebecca Smith
Five minutes could make all the difference
Five minutes could make all the difference (Source: TfL)

Hardened commuters will no doubt know that five minutes here and there can make all the difference between being squashed like a sardine and an inch more breathing space on the Tube.

So Transport for London (TfL) has helped things along with this updated map to show some key Zone 1 and 2 Tube stations - and when exactly is their busiest evening time, for those looking to head home in a bit more comfort.

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(Source: TfL)

Among the stations featured include Bank, which along with Monument, welcomes over 65m annual visitors.

It starts getting busiest at 5.30pm when people are heading home from work - slightly earlier than the likes of King's Cross St Pancras and the key interchange for the Northern and Victoria Lines of Stockwell.

Those at Camden Town have longer still before the station hits its peak time of 6pm, and if commuters can hang on at work another 15 minutes or so, they will avoid the worst of it. By heading to Camden station post-6.15pm you'll avoid the rush - and probably look even more diligent in the eyes of your colleagues too...

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If you're after an even more in-depth look at the busiest times for London Underground stations, this map compiles a breakdown in the difference in entries and exits on each station on various Tube lines over time.

And this Tube map by Adzuna has the average salaries near each London Underground station, so if you're looking for a pay boost you may want to get a job near the Barbican and Monument stations.

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