The best and worst cities for first-time buyers (no prizes for guessing where London comes...)

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Hull Becomes The 2017 City Of Culture
Hull is the most affordable city for first-time buyers (Source: Getty)

London is officially the least affordable place in the UK for first-time buyers - while Hull has been named the most affordable.

A ranking by online property portal Zoopla said with an average house price of £518,178 and an average deposit of £77,727, the capital was the least affordable city.

By contrast, buyers in Hull must stump up just £15,656 to buy their first home, which will be valued at an average of £104,376. That was followed by Middlesbrough, with an average house price of £107,041 and a deposit of £16,056.

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The UK's most affordable cities for first-time buyers

City Average price Average deposit
1 Hull £104,376 £15,656
2 Middlesbrough £107,041 £16,056
3 Liverpool £122,137 £18,320
4 Nottingham £133,631 £20,045
5 Coventry £171,189 £25,678
6 Manchester £168,761 £25,314
7 Swansea £133,514 £20,027
8 Stoke on Trent £109,953 £16,493
9 Doncaster £115,313 £17,297
10 Preston £125,840 £18,876

Liverpool, Nottingham and Coventry completed the top five most affordable cities - while Cambridge, Brighton, Colchester and Reading made up the top five least affordable cities.

Overall, six of the 10 most affordable cities were in the North of England, while eight of the 10 least affordable were in the South.

“It’s no surprise to see cities in the north offering the most viable options for first-time buyers in Britain. Prices in Southern England have continued to rise at a relatively fast rate, making it very difficult for the average first-time buyer to get on the property ladder," said Zoopla's Lawrence Hall.

"The recent relief from Stamp Duty Land Tax on the first £300,000 of a property purchase will clearly help those aiming to get on the property ladder.”

The UK's least affordable cities

City Average price Average deposit
1 London £518,178 £77,727
2 Cambridge £438,109 £65,716
3 Brighton £420,301 £63,045
4 Colchester £255,221 £38,283
5 Reading £325,354 £48,803
6 Bedford £252,060 £37,809
7 Bournemouth £294,275 £44,141
8 York £229,319 £34,398
9 Edinburgh £260,897 £39,135
10 Milton Keynes £255,573 £38,336

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