Ministers force firms to fortify cyber security on baby monitors

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Many dolls and toys are susceptible to attacks, ministers said (Source: Getty)

The government is to crack down on companies making smart devices such as baby monitors and toy dolls by forcing them to boost security measures.

Ministers want to protect British households from the fall out of a cyber attack. Poorly secured devices threaten individuals’ privacy and safety, they said.

Companies selling “Internet of Things” goods will be forced to sign up to a new code of conduct. In association with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) security will be embedded into devices.

“We want everyone to benefit from the huge potential of internet-connected devices and it is important they are safe and have a positive impact on people’s lives. We have worked alongside industry to develop a tough new set of rules so strong security measures are built into everyday technology from the moment it is developed,” said digital minister Margot James.

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NCSC technical director Ian Levy said: "We are pleased to have worked with DCMS on this vital review, and hope its legacy will be a government ‘kitemark’ clearly explaining the security promises and effective lifespan of products.

Shoppers should be given high-quality information to make choices at the counter. We manage it with the fat content of food and this is the start of doing the same for the cyber security of technology products.

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