Apple employees have been walking into doors at its fancy new HQ

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Apple Holds Product Launch Event At New Campus In Cupertino
Apple's 13,000 employees are still moving into its new campus (Source: Getty)

Watching birds fly into plate glass windows may be an occupational hazard for office workers, but at Apple's new $5bn (£3.6bn) campus in Cupertino, the employees themselves are risking similar injuries.

The San Francisco Chronicle has published a transcript of one of three 911 calls made in January after Apple employees walked into the massive, curved glass windows at the campus.

Employees have been left bloody and concussed after walking into glass walls and doors at the huge spaceship-shaped building.

The 175-acre campus, which Apple has only recently begun moving its 13,000 employees into, was designed by Norman Foster.

Its massive curved glass windows, which surround the building, have been specially treated to achieve extra transparency and whiteness, according to the Guardian, while its doors have completely flat thresholds because "if engineers had to adjust their gait when entering the building, they risked distraction from their work", Reuters has reported.

Earlier this month the San Francisco Chronicle said a Cupertino building official had warned about people walking into glass walls in its cafeteria.

“We did recognise that this is going to be an issue, especially when they clean the glass,” said Albert Salvador

“When you clean the windows, you can’t even tell some of them are there.”

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