Jaguar unveils the I-Pace electric SUV: The secret weapon in its war against Tesla

Emma Haslett
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Jaguar first announced the I-Pace in 2016 (Source: Jaguar)

After much anticipation, Jaguar has unveiled the I-Pace, its first all-electric vehicle which it hopes will kill off Tesla.

The company said last night the I-Pace SUV will have a 298-mile range - only slightly higher than Tesla's Model X, which has a range of 289 miles - and will do 0 to 60mphin 4.5 seconds.

It can be 80 per cent charged in 85 minutes, while a half hour charge will give it an 80 mile range, said Jaguar.

Although Jaguar insists there is "nothing else on the road that looks or drives like the I-Pace", it includes some decidedly Model X-esque features.

Like the Model X, the car's software can be updated wirelessly, and it includes features such as remote locking and checking on the car's range which can be controlled from an app on your phone. It even has an Amazon Alexa skill.

The car's interior includes a control system using touchscreens, which uses artificial intelligence to identify drivers' preferences.

The idea, said Ian Hoban, vehicle line director at Jaguar I-Pace, is to make petrol stations "a thing of the past".

"After overnight charging they’ll wake up every morning with a ‘full tank of fuel’," he enthused.

Can the £65,000 I-Pace really beat the Model X? It's hard to tell what will happen on the forecourt - but it turns out that in a race, the Jag wins hands-down...

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