This company is going to find out which is the quickest way to commute across London

Rebecca Smith
The race is on
The race is on (Source: Lavelle Bikes)

An electric bike firm is set to investigate just which is the quickest way to commute across the capital next week - going up against a black cab and the Tube.

Lavelle Bikes will start the race on Wednesday 28 February in the evening to complete a five mile trip. The competitors will be travelling to the Apple Store in Covent Garden from the Shard and then back again, so not your average commuter's daily trip, but it is looking to gauge who can travel across central London the quickest.

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Paul Lavelle, founder of the electric bike firm, said he wants to prove electric mobility is the way forward for cities.

If you have Wednesday evening to spare and are intrigued, the event will get underway from 4pm with El Vino London Bridge set as the meeting point.

Each of the participants will have cameras and film the whole journey, so viewers can track them on computers at the event in real time. They are expecting the race to last about 40 minutes, but who knows what will happen...

Analysis by the Trades Union Congress last year found that commuters were battling an 81 minute daily journey in and out of work - the equivalent of 38 working days a year.

The one hour 21 minute journey for Londoners is 23 minutes longer than the national average journey for commuters, which takes 58 minutes. Workers in the capital take the longest to get to work out of regions across the country.

Getting to and from work now takes London commuters an extra six minutes a day compared with a decade ago, marking an extra 22 hours a year spent travelling.

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