The 10 biggest reasons people are unhappy at work

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Unhappy in your job? You're not alone.

More than half of workers are less than enamoured with their current employment, new research reveals, and its cash that's the most common culprit.

A survey of more than 1,000 people by job site CV Library found 56 per cent were unhappy. Not being paid enough was cited as the biggest reason for being unhappy, with 38.9 per cent of respondents saying this why they were disgruntled with their work.

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That was followed by a lack of progression (32.6 per cent) and poor company culture (30.8 per cent), with a bad work-life balance also blamed by more than one in five.

“It’s clear that company culture, pay and progression are important to professionals," said founder and managing director of CV Library Lee Biggins.

"Be sure that you’re offering fair and competitive packages and that these tie in with creating a great working environment. Hosting social events is a great way to help staff blow off steam and build good relationships with their co-workers. This also goes a long way towards creating a great company culture."

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The majority of people said that quitting wasn't the best answer to being unhappy, however. And 64 per cent said talking to a manager was a first port of call to sort things out, followed by reflecting on what's, making you unhappy (52 per cent). A quarter said seeking out new projects would help or speaking to a trusted colleague.

Top 10 most common reasons for being unhappy at work

1. Not being paid enough (38.9 per cent)

2. No room for progression (32.6 per cent)

3. Poor company culture (30.8 per cent)

4. Poor work-life balance (21.8 per cent)

5. Boring daily routine (18.7 per cent)

6. Disliking the working hours (15.3 per cent)

7. Disliking the boss (14.9 per cent)

8. Having a long commute (13.6 per cent)

9. Disliking colleagues (5 per cent)

10. Issues in private life affecting work life (4.8 per cent)

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