Watch: Boston Dynamics' headless robot opens doors for you

Lynsey Barber
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A robot opens the door for another robot in Boston Dynamics's latest video (Source: Boston Dynamics/YouTube)

First they could play chess, then they could dance around (on wheels) and balance on one foot, but the latest robot from Boston Dynamics can actually give you a helping hand.

A new video from the robot maker, which used to be owned by Google but was last year bought up by SoftBank, shows the nimble machine managing to manoeuvre opening a door for another robot.

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Anyone worried about the rise of the robots might want to breath a sigh of relief - it doesn't look like it's going to replace humans in this everyday endeavour just yet. While the feat is certainly impressive, it does take somewhat longer than the split second it does for humans... for now at least.

We're more creeped out that the company is replacing the animal-like robots' heads with hands. And they are now apparently working in teams.

Watch: Boston Dynamics robot opens door for another robot

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