Looking for a career change? These are the 20 jobs recruiters are most desperate to fill

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Looking for a change of career? It turns out there's a massive shortage of football coaches, according to new research.

The figures, by job site Indeed, found almost half of football coach jobs are still empty after 60 days.

Veterinary nurses, volunteers and opticians are also all in hot demand, the figures showed - although that may have something to do with the salaries, which are all below £30,000.

If you're looking for something a little more lucrative, surgeon came seventh on the list, with an average salary of £39,528, while solicitor, at number 18, comes with a salary of £41,913. At number 19, dentists are also few and far between, and receive an average salary of £37,825.

"With job vacancies at a record high too, in some areas employers are engaged in a full scale battle for talent," said Richards. Bill Richards, UK managing director at Indeed, cited low unemployment as the cause of the shortages. Last month, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed employment rose to a record high of 75.3 per cent between September and November, the highest since records began.

“From the jobseekers’ point of view, these ‘hard to fill’ roles may be worth considering if you’re contemplating a career move. While some require highly specialised skills, others do not; and with potentially lower levels of competition and some tempting salaries on offer, landing one of these jobs could boost both your career and your bank balance.”

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The 20 jobs recruiters need to fill

Job title Salary Roles open after 60 days
1 Football coach £21,331 49.7%
2 Veterinary nurse £28,495 49.2%
3 Volunteer --- 45.5%
4 Optician £27,494 45.3%
5 Collection agent £19,939 43.5%
6 Optometrist £30,621 42.5%
7 Surgeon £39,528 42.3%
8 Seasonal associate £17,232 38.6%
9 Graduate assistant £20,566 38.3%
10 Hair stylist £20,803 37.9%
11 Dog walker £17,026 37.6%
12 Flight attendant £20,496 36.6%
13 Sandwich maker £16,142 36.5%
14 Beauty consultant £17,996 36.3%
15 Optical assistant £17,153 36.1%
16 Secondary school teacher £28,863 32.4%
17 Visual merchandiser £19,929 32.4%
18 Solicitor £41,913 29.9%
19 Dentist £37,825 29.5%
20 Patrol officer £17,339 29.2%

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