Love stinks: This study could help Londoners sniff out the perfect date for Valentine's Day

Caitlin Morrison
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Would you date someone based on their scent? (Source: Match)

What's more important in a potential paramour, their looks or their aroma?

If you lean towards the latter, you're in good company: new research shows that 94 per cent of people would be put off by an unpleasant smell emanating from their date, versus 73 per cent who'd be turned off by their looks.

The study, commissioned by dating service Match, revealed nearly half (43 per cent) of single Brits said they decide whether someone makes it past the first date or not based on their aroma, while more than one in four (26 per cent) said they’d prioritise smell over looks when checking someone out.

Meanwhile, almost a third (31 per cent) of females said they were more likely to notice a man with a good scent than one with good looks.

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To help London's hopeless romantics just in time for Valentine's Day, Match has opened Eau.M.G., a pop-up perfume shop opening today in Clerkenwell’s Exmouth Market. The store will match new couples based on their instinctive attraction to different pheromones.

"Humans have distinct odour ‘fingerprints’, and so smell may be more important to us than we once thought - perhaps especially so when selecting a sexual or romantic partner," said Dr Caroline Allen from Newcastle University.

"Studies have found that we prefer the odour of an individual who is genetically dissimilar to us, which suggests that we can get information related to the genetic compatibility of a potential partner from their body odour.

"There are a whole range of traits which we seem to be able to detect in body odour such as quality of diet, health, and personality, how masculine or feminine someone is, as well as their current emotions - all of which might be useful to us when choosing a romantic partner, or for attracting a potential partner to us."

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