UK house prices: This tool will tell you when your home will hit £1m


Some UK houses will smash through the £1m barrier quicker than others (Source: Getty)

The growth in the number of Britain's millionaire mansions shows little sign of stopping. At the current rate of travel, it won't be long before the nation notches up its one millionth property millionaire.

Currently, there are just over 750,000 property millionaires

And wouldn't it be nice to know when you will join them?

Fear not, because the boffins at property website Zoopla have crunched the numbers, added their own housing know-how and sprinkled on some magic (bricks and mortar) dust to create nifty tool projecting when you will join the increasingly less exclusive millionaire mansion club.

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(Source: Zoopla)

For those in London, it might not be too long – or the barrier may already have passed. Over half of Kensington and Chelsea houses are worth more than £1m.

But it is likely to be a lengthy wait if you live in Barking and Dagenham, though. The latest figures suggest just 20 out of the borough's 67,681 houses are valued at £1m+, with just one passing the £1m marker in the last 16 months.

So whether you are a homeowner looking to find out when you can sell up and take early retirement, or a beleaguered London tenant wanting to know how much money your landlord stands to make, click on this link to find out.

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