Heathrow has revealed the latest rankings of the noisiest and dirtiest airlines at the airport

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Heathrow now updates a league table of its airlines each quarter
Heathrow now updates a league table of its airlines each quarter (Source: Getty)

Heathrow Airport said today that regional airline Flybe has soared to the top of its rankings of the cleanest and quietest airlines, after making some drastic improvements.

By contrast, Kuwait Airways continues to trail other airlines, coming bottom of the list for the third quarter on the trot. That was followed by Turkish Airlines and El Al.

The airport announced last year that it would publish an updated league table every quarter to assess its airlines on their noise and emissions performance, to provide regular feedback and help work out particular areas that needed improvement.

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10 cleanest and quietest airlines 10 noisiest and dirtiest airlines

1. Flybe

2. Aer Lingus

3. British Airways - short haul

4. Finnair

5. Scandinavian Airlines System

6. Etihad Airways

7. Delta Air Lines

8. United Airlines

9. Air India

10. Qantas Airways

1. Kuwait Airways

2. Turkish Airlines - short haul

3. Turkish Airlines - long haul

4. El Al

5. Austrian Airlines

6. Eurowings

7. Air China

8. Saudi Arabian Airlines

9. Middle East Airlines - short haul

10. Thai Airways

The latest league table ranks the 50 busiest airlines at Heathrow on seven noise and emission metrics, spanning October to December 2017.

Flybe, which kicked off flights from the London airport to Edinburgh and Aberdeen last March, initially ranked 29th in the league in mid-2017, but has moved up after increasing its use of continuous descent approaches into Heathrow.

That procedure helps cut noise as it requires less engine thrust and keeps the aircraft higher for longer, according to Heathrow.

Flybe's chief operating officer Luke Farajallah, said: "We are naturally delighted to have topped the rankings at Heathrow as the best operator in noise and emissions performance, especially so early on in our operations there."

He added:

Flybe acknowledges and takes seriously its environmental responsibilities. It is central to what we do, informing our choice of using Q400 turboprops on the right routes and being one of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft, to making constant improvements in our operational processes.

Aer Lingus continues to stay among the top-ranked airlines, coming in second for the quarter, after placing third last time round. Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific has moved up 11 places this quarter, while Oman Air has climbed 15 places.

Heathrow's chief executive John Holland-Kaye, said Heathrow's airlines had made "great progress" to help the airport "be a better neighbour".

He added: "Last year we announced our intention of halving the number of late running flights over five years – I hope that the 30 per cent reduction in the first year alone will give confidence that we say what we will do and we do what we say."

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