BT's Openreach targets "ultrafast" internet in 3m premises by 2020

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Openreach is owned by BT but operates separately (Source: Getty)

BT's Openreach has announced acceleration plans to bring faster internet connection to 3m places by 2020.

The Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) build target has been extended by 50 per cent, connecting 40 UK towns, cities and boroughs.

London will be the first city to receive the upgrade, which will give more homes and businesses access to superfast broadband.

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Clive Selley, chief executive of Openreach, said: “Through the Fibre First programme, Openreach is getting on with the job of building an Ultrafast Britain. We are accelerating our plans to build FTTP to three million premises by 2020 which sets the course to reach ten million by the mid-2020s with the right conditions. Where possible going forward, we will ‘fibre first’."

But a TalkTalk spokesperson criticised the cost to the consumer.

“Whilst it’s welcome that Openreach now accepts the need for greater full fibre investment, their plans depend on widespread take-up and eventually forcing customers to buy the product. That will only work if Openreach radically reduces proposed pricing, making full fibre affordable to all consumers, rather than just a privileged few. It’s crucial the transition to full fibre is not used to conceal large price rises for customers.”

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