Londoners work more, commute for longer and have less sex than people in other cities (but Paris has taken its crown as hangover capital of the world)

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The 2016 Notting Hill Carnival
Yep: London's the fifth most exciting place to live in the world (Source: Getty)

People living in London work more, commute for longer and have less sex than people living in other cities - but it is nevertheless one of the best places to live in the world, according to a new ranking.

Time Out's annual City Life Index ranked the capital the fifth most exciting city in the world - behind Melbourne, New York, Porto and Chicago.

Some 85 per cent of Londoners surveyed said they had felt happy in the last 24 hours, while almost nine in 10 said there is "always something to do or see". We are a cultured bunch: the average Londoner goes to the theatre 12 times a year, while the capital's bar, restaurant and nightlife scenes all scored highly.

Meanwhile, London was also knocked off the top spot as hangover capital of the world: we spent a mere 24 days nursing sore heads following heavy drinking sessions last year, while Parisians spent a full month suffering hangovers.

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Inside London

  • What makes Londoners happy: Being in a new relationship, going on a date, earning more than £40,000, making a new friend, taking drugs, bumping into a friend on the street, commuting for 15 to 30 minutes, owning a property, seeing live music or theatre, going clubbing, having sex.

  • What stresses Londoners out: Feeling unsafe, being a student, hating their neighbourhoods, feeling lonely, smoking, using Instagram more than 10 times a day, being a millennial.

  • Money, money, money: The more Londoners earn, the more they think they need to earn - £52,859.67 is the amount the average Londoner things you need to earn to be comfortable in London. However, people who earn less than £20,000 think you need £46,571 and those earning more than £100,000 think you need £79,576.

On the downside, Londoners were the most stressed, worked the most hours at 40.4 hours a week, and had a 39-minute average commute, the longest of any city.

And some 43 per cent of people living in the capital they found it hard to make friends - which might explain why Londoners have sex just 24.6 times per year, way below the average of 26.3 times per year (although that might not apply to City folk: those earning over £100,000 do it 29 times per year, the figures suggested).

Manchester and Edinburgh were also named in the ranking, coming in seventh and 11th places respectively.

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The world's 10 most exciting cities

Ranking City Points
1. Chicago 138.2
2. Porto 137.9
3. New York 134.6
4. Melbourne 132.3
5. London 131.4
6. Madrid 131.1
7. Manchester 130.9
8. Lisbon 130.2
9. Philadelphia 129.2
10. Barcelona 128.4

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