Thomas Cook launches pre-booking sunbed service for holidaymakers

Rebecca Smith
Selected holidaymakers can choose their prime sunbed up to six days before departure
Selected holidaymakers can choose their prime sunbed up to six days before departure (Source: Getty)

Thomas Cook is hoping to put an end to sunbed battles.

Gone are the days where holidaymakers get up at increasingly ridiculous hours to bag the best-placed sunbed before their rivals.

Or so it hopes. The firm is rolling out a "Choose Your Favourite Sunbed" scheme, which allows families and couples to do just that, pre-booking sunbeds in their preferred location for €25 (£22).

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They can opt for their preferred location from a map, which will also allow customers to work out when each spot will be sunny and when they will get shade.

Only some sunbeds will be bookable in the scheme which is being trialled in three hotels next month. It will then be rolled out to 30 hotels in the summer. For those who aren't all that bothered and certainly aren't fussed about paying for a certain bed, a chunk of sunbeds at the hotels will not be part of the scheme.

How it works

1. Eligible holidaymakers are emailed six days before travelling with instructions on how to book

2. They are provided a link to see a map and pool plan of the hotel, showing all the available sunbeds and their prices. Then you simply pick what you're after

3. The beds are sorted, and kept for the duration of the selected customers' stay (so no post-lunch panic that your beds will have been taken over in your absence)

Eligible customers will get an email ahead of departure, with a link to the map showing the available sunbeds and their prices.

Thomas Cook said: "Family holidays are all about togetherness and spending quality time with the people you love."

And not passively aggressively moving other people's towels to nab their sunbed, you'd imagine.

The travel firm said the scheme should help personalise people's package holidays "and make it as stress-free as possible".

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