These are the best jobs in the UK for 2018: Marketing manager tops the list

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Glassdoor compiles the ranking annually (Source: Getty)

Feeling uninspired at work?

Thankfully, job site Glassdoor has compiled a list of the best jobs in the UK for 2018, and marketing manager has topped the list with an overall job score of 4.5.

Glassdoor calculated job scores by factoring in the earning potential of a role based on median annual base salary, the job satisfaction rating and the number of job openings.

With job scores of 4.4, operations manager, audit manager and finance manager closely followed in second, third and fourth place.

Product manger, with a score of 4.3, came in fifth.

Glassdoor compiled the list for the fourth year running, and this was the first time not one technology-based role featured in the top 10.

“Although tech jobs don’t make the top 10 this year, jobs in finance and other more highly-skilled traditional roles remain prominent in the UK,” said Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor chief economist.

Chamberlain said technological advances were pushing other jobs to the forefront.

“However, this year will see AI [artificial intelligence] and job automation impact every facet of the UK workforce in some way, and two industries that are ripe for considerable changes in 2018 are human resources and finance. Revolutionary new AI tools are complementing people’s skills in both these industries, which could upend many established and easy-to-automate roles that we see in this list," he said.

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The top 25 jobs in the UK for 2018

Ranking Job
1. Marketing manager
2. Operations manager
3. Audit manager
4. Finance manager
5. Product manager
6. HR manager
7. Contract manager
8. Commercial manager
9. Business analyst
10. Project manager
11. Business development manager
12. Software engineer
13. HR business partner
14. Solutions architect
15. Production manager
16. Data analyst
17. Data scientist
18. Communications manager
19. Recruiter
20. National account manager
21. Site manager
22. Mobile Developer
23. Brand Manager
24. Engagement manager
25. Executive assistant

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