This Tube map shows how busy each London Underground station is during the day

Rebecca Smith
This map shows which stations have the most passengers with thicker lines
This map shows which stations have the most passengers with thicker lines (Source: Gwilym Lockwood)

A new Tube map has been created to show how many passengers enter and leave the capital's Underground stations throughout the day.

Gwilym Lockwood, who compiled the map, also provides a breakdown in the difference in entries and exits on each station on various Tube lines over time.

The Tube lines thicken at stations where considerable numbers of passengers pass through them.

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(Source: Gwilym Lockwood)

Waterloo sees 330, 679 entries and exits throughout the day, based on Transport for London 2016 data, while Bank has 232,0785 journeys and London Bridge has 225,037. Kings Cross St Pancras has 285,194 entering and exiting the station each day, while Oxford Circus has 249,493.

Another map created with a similar idea is the Tube Heartbeat, tracking the 2m people commuting in and out of the capital each week.

The different Tube lines expand at peak times in the day, widening for the morning and evening rush hours as commuters head in and out of work for the day.

This one uses 2015 data to provide the entire compilation, which shows how busy the different Tube lines are against one another during a 24-hour period.

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(Source: Tube Heartbeat using Here)

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