Forget bitcoin and dogecoin, there's joke cryptocurrency based on Theresa May and other world leaders

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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May Speaks At An Election Campaign Event In Wrexham, Wales
People will put anything on the blockchain... even world leaders (Source: Getty)

Bitcoin might be on a downward turn (for now at least), but Theresa May coin is on the up.

Yes, the Prime Minister has been minted into the cryptocurrency world in another example of the craze.

Who wouldn't approve of going to all that effort just for a pun about being strong and stable?

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And it's gone from strength to strength: its market cap surpassed $400,000 over the past few days (insert your own joke about a magic money tree).

The coin was created last year, though to little fanfare coming as it did before the trend for cryptocurrency really took off. No one has put their name to the joke however, unlike fellow "joke" cryptocurrency Dogecoin, with not even a hint via a domain register, code repository or other online presence.

It's not clear exactly what the use case for Theresa May coin is - but then the same could be said of any number of cryptocurrencies out there.

Not so for TrumpCoin though, which might go some way to explaining why its ahead in the world leader cryptocurrency rankings. The US President's namesake coin has a market cap of $1.8m, according to Coinmarketcap. It's described as a "cryptopac" - funding a political action committee (PAC) - that is asking to "make crypto great again".

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French President Emmanuel Macron has also elicited his own coin, now with a market cap of $2.3m.

But it's actually PutinCoin, after Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is the most valuable world leader cryptocurrency of all, worth $7m.

No word from No10 yet on what the PM thinks.

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