Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis thinks gifs can rally voters in digital General Election battle with Labour

Lynsey Barber
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Brandon Lewis wants supporters to use images and video online to promote the Conservative party (Source: Getty)

The Conservative party are turning to gifs to rally online support for the party as its newly installed chairman said "shy Tories" were failing to get involved in digital campaigning.

Brandon Lewis, promoted to the job in Theresa May's reshuffle last week, said it would create a "toolkit" of content for young people for sharing online that would include graphics, videos and gifs.

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Labour was hailed for its use of social media to bolster a grassroots campaign, particularly among young people, in the 2017 General Election in which it tested the Conservative's majority.

"What I want to see out there is more and more of our activists and people who support some of the principles we're outlining, whether it's a particular policy or a whole package of government reforms, getting out there in the digital world saying so and spreading that message with us," he said, speaking to the Telegraph.

Lewis said it was important to engage online to reach both young and older voters. Local elections are due to be held in May. The next General Election is due to be held in 2022, however, with the Prime Minister grasping on to a minority government propped up by the DUP, many believe it could happen earlier.

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