Brexit: Nigel Farage thinks the EU referendum vote result could be reversed

Lynsey Barber
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Nigel Farage fears the Remain camp is gathering more momentum than Leave (Source: Getty)

The former leader of Ukip who was instrumental in campaigning for the UK to leave the EU has said he believes the vote could be reversed.

Nigel Farage said that Remain supporters "are making all the running", suggesting that those backing Britain leaving the European Union had not continued to fight for it.

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“They [Remain] have a majority in parliament, and unless we get ourselves organised we could lose the historic victory that was Brexit,” he warned in an interview with the Observer.

It comes after the divisive former leader and MEP conceded there should "maybe" be a second vote on Brexit.

Some polling has suggested that a second EU referendum could swing the other way. The vote in June 2016 was closely run with 51.9 per cent voting to leave and 48.1 per cent voting to remain.

“I think the Leave side is in danger of not even making the argument,” he told the newspaper.

“The Leave groups need to regather and regroup, because Remain is making all the arguments. After we won the referendum, we closed the doors and stopped making the argument.

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“We no longer have a majority in parliament. I think we would lose the vote in parliament,” he said.

Ukip tweeted shortly after the publication of the interview that the party did not want another referendum but that it "must be ready for war if the government fails to deliver".

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