Trump bins UK visit after hitting out at “peanuts” embassy sell-off

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President Trump Holds Roundtable On Prison Reform In Roosevelt Room Of White House
Trump was expected to open the new US embassy during a visit to the UK in February (Source: Getty)

Donald Trump has scrapped a trip to the UK in February after blasting plans to sell off the US embassy in London.

The US president took to social media this morning saying the iconic Grosvenor Square building had been sold off for “peanuts”.

A $1bn (£740m) new US embassy, first announced by George Bush and commissioned by predecessor Barack Obama, was described as a “bad deal” by Trump. He refused to attend the building’s opening ceremony.

Rex Tillerson, the US secretary of state, is expected to attend the embassy’s opening instead.

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With Downing Street not commenting on the matter, the Liberal Democrats welcomed the news.

“Trump has thrown his toys out the pram and cancelled his trip to the UK will be welcomed by all of us who reject his abhorrent views,” said Liberal Democrats foreign affairs spokesperson Jo Swinson.

Overnight reports suggested Trump decided not to travel to the UK amid fears of a hostile reception and the absence of "bells and whistles" when he arrived – and the fact a meeting with the Queen would not be on the cards.

The PM had pencilled in a meeting with Trump on 26 and 27 February with Downing Street hoping to lock in the dates this week, the Daily Mail reported.

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