Ranked: The 10 industries with the biggest jump in salaries last year

Rebecca Smith
Workers in the automotive, agriculture and hospitality industries recorded some of the highest increases in pay
Workers in the automotive, agriculture and hospitality industries recorded some of the highest increases in pay (Source: Getty)

New Year, new job?

Well, if you're casting an eye over fresh opportunities and particularly on the hunt for a career which pays more, CV-Library has analysed average advertised salaries across UK industries last year, compared with 2016.

Hospitality, automotive and agriculture took the top three spots, with pay up 10.4 per cent, 10.2 per cent, and 9.5 per cent respectively.

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Property, construction and IT also featured in the top 10.

10 industries with the highest pay rises in 2017
  1. Hospitality – pay up 10.4 per cent
  2. Automotive – pay up 10.2 per cent
  3. Agriculture – pay up 9.5 per cent
  4. Property – pay up 8.5 per cent
  5. Retail – pay up 8.1 per cent
  6. Media – pay up 7.5 per cent
  7. Design – pay up 7.5 per cent
  8. Construction – pay up 6.9 per cent
  9. Charity – pay up 6.6 per cent
  10. IT – pay up 5.1 per cent

CV-Library said the analysis provided some guidance on which industries look to be on the up for pay. The job board's founder and managing director Lee Biggins, said:

These industries are central to the UK economy’s success and it’s clear that more competition for talent has driven many employers to push up their pay packets in 2017.

Interestingly, some of these industries are ones that could be struggling because of a lack of EU workers – agriculture and hospitality for example are heavily reliant on this labour, which could explain why higher pay is being offered.

Job creation was also on the up across many of the UK's main industries, with manufacturing, property and automotive leading the way for advertised jobs, according to CV-Library's analysis.

Industries with the biggest rise in jobs available
  1. Manufacturing – jobs up 22.9 per cent
  2. Property – jobs up 18 per cent
  3. Automotive – jobs up 17.3 per cent
  4. Social Care – jobs up 17 per cent
  5. Agriculture – jobs up 13.9 per cent
  6. Engineering – jobs up 10.8 per cent
  7. Construction – jobs up 10 per cent
  8. Recruitment – jobs up 9.6 per cent
  9. Design – jobs up 9.2 per cent
  10. Finance – jobs up 7.6 per cent

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