Road rage: Sadiq blames government for TfL's £200m spending cut on road repairs

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Funds for road repairs in London have been cut (Source: Getty)

Sadiq Khan has hit out at the government for planning to spend London's vehicle excise duty on roads outside the capital.

The mayor of London was taken to task by members of the London Assembly today following Transport for London's decision to suspended its programme of road repairs. Over the next four years, a total £200m has been taken out of TfL's budget for renewing roads.

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Khan blamed the government for a lack of funding for London's roads. From 2021, London drivers' vehicle excise duty will be collected and paid into the government's Roads Fund - but none of the central pot will be redistributed to the capital.

The mayor said he had spoken to transport secretary Chris Grayling about the problem, and that Grayling was sympathetic to his complaint. However, Khan will have to lobby the Treasury to secure any change in funding.

“We have reached this perverse situation where we are, car drivers in London, subsidising the maintenance of roads outside of London, not within London, but also public transport users having to pay for roads inside London. That can’t be right," Khan said.

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