UK slips to third most attractive nation for would-be migrant workers

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Fewer EU workers want to come to the UK than in 2012 (Source: Getty)

Canada has leapfrogged Britain among the most attractive work destinations in the world, with European employees becoming less enamoured with the UK, according to a league table to be published today.

The UK is now the third most popular country for workers to relocate to, according to a survey of more than 10,000 people around the world by accountants BDO.

Some 19 per cent of workers surveyed named the UK as a top-three target destination, down from 22 per cent in 2012, the last time the survey was carried out.

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The US remained the most desired country for would-be emigrants, in spite of weakening popularity, with 30 per cent of employees naming it among the top four destinations, the survey found.

The top four nations, which also included Australia, are all Anglophone nations, highlighting the advantage of similar business cultures in attracting migrants.

However, the UK dropped out of the top six countries for potential migrants from the EU.

Germany and Spain were the top risers in the eyes of European workers, with improvements of three percentage points and six percentage points respectively since 2012.

Paul Eagland, managing partner at BDO said the government must act to secure the UK’s access to talent: “UK businesses are already struggling with a skills shortage. The impact of the EU referendum and uncertainty around a new trade deal is likely to make this worse.”

“It’s absolutely imperative that the Government makes it clear to the world that the UK is still a great place to do business and that we continue to attract the world’s brightest and best to our country”.

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