Zero wage growth predicted for 2018 by Resolution Foundation

Lynsey Barber
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The Uk Minimum Wage Of GBP5.05
The UK is unlikely to find more in their pocket next year (Source: Getty)

There's bad news for the year ahead when it comes to work - you're probably not going to be earning more.

New research forecasts that wage growth across the UK will come in at zero for 2018.

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In real terms, taking into account adjustments for inflation, think tank the Resolution Foundation's analysis found that "a meaningful pay recovery was still out of sight".

That's an improvement on 2017, when wages are thought to have fallen, according to predictions by the Office of Budget Responsibility, with inflation rising to three per cent.

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"The good news is that things will get better next year. The bad news is we may only go from backwards to standing still, with prospects for a meaningful pay recovery still out of sight," said the think tank's director Torsten Bell.

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