Could this be the world’s last Christmas? 3,000 elf jobs at risk as Lapland racks up £8.4bn losses

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Lapland must plough £18m each year into an Elf pension scheme (Source: Getty)

With Britons waking up this morning full of festive cheer, gloomy research has revealed Christmas is bankrupting Lapland.

Quenching the insatiable appetite of the world’s children is costing the country (rein) dear.

This year Lapland is projected to run up operating losses of £8.4bn.

The big problem, according to business-to-business comparison site Expert Market, is the soaring cost of producing gifts for kids all over the planet. Present costs have rocketed from £9.83bn last year to £13.3bn this year.

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Lapland has managed to generate over £5bn of income over the year, with image rights netting Santa’s homeland £3.6bn. Studding Rudolf and the other reindeers bring in £206.3m.

Other than the present costs, Lapland’s biggest cost is paying the wages of Father Christmas’ 3,000-strong workforce, something that will cost £91m this year.

Sophia Patsikas who carried out the audit into the business said: “Any other business would be in administration, but somehow Lapland Inc keep delivering year after year. It’s like magic.”

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Lapland black hole

What? How Much? What? How Much?
Reindeer Upkeep £17,862 Image Rights £3.6bn
Sleigh Maintenance £823 Surplus Cookies & Milk Sales £28.3m
Sleigh Insurance £9,311 Recycles Christmas Lists £247,612
Elf Wages £91m Lapland Winter Tourism £1.2bn
Elf Pensions / Insurance £18m Studding Reindeer £206.3m
Cost of Toy Manufacture £13.3bn Airbnb Spare Rooms £456,832
Lapland Annual Average Cost of Basic Living £17,310
Mrs Claus (CEO of Lapland Inc) £85,154
TOTAL EXPENSES £13,409,132,260 TOTAL INCOME £5,018,233,784

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