Ryanair plans to run all flights today as pilots largely ignore strike action, but union readies for more disruption

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Flights are running generally as planned (Source: Getty)

Ryanair is planning to run all scheduled flights today, despite a strike organised by the VC pilots' union in Germany.

VC had said its Ryanair pilots would go on strike from 5:01am to 8:59am local time in Germany, due to "unsatisfactory negotiations" over union recognition.

But the Irish airline today released a statement thanking pilots for "putting our customers first and largely ignoring this VC strike".

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Though nine of Ryanair's 36 "first wave" flights from Germany were delayed this morning, none were cancelled and Ryanair said it expected to run all of its scheduled flights throughout the day.

Yet it seems that VC is readying for more strike action. Its spokesperson Markus Wahl told the Financial Times this afternoon that there were likely to be more walkouts before the 5 January, which is when Ryanair had suggested next meeting with VC, if the company “does not move”.

Yesterday Ryanair said it saw the strike action as "unnecessary" since it had agreed to meet with the union again to "progress the negotiations on a collective labour agreement for Germany".

The company's share price was down by 0.66 per cent in afternoon trading.

Chaos all round

The pilot strike was set to contribute to "frantic Friday", as Brits today face the busiest date for travelling on the nation’s roads.

Gatwick Airport has pegged today as its busiest for flights, while there are more strikes set for later in the festive period.

Walkouts by members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union are planned for 27 December on Greater Anglia, and New Year’s Eve on South Western Railway in rows over the role of the guard.

A strike by workers on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is also set for New Year’s Eve, over a breakdown in industrial relations.

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