Damian Green has resigned as first secretary of state after pornography allegations

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Theresa May has been dealt a major blow as her deputy, Damian Green, resigned as after an investigation found he misled the public and MPs over pornography found on a Commons computer.

The Prime Minister said she had asked Green, effectively her deputy, to resign.

In his resignation letter, Green apologised for his actions and said he “should have been clear” that his lawyers were informed about the original discovery of pornography in 2008, and that the police raised it with him in a subsequent phone call in 2013.

Green was one of May’s closest allies, and she said she was “extremely sad” about his resignation. Green was under investigation over claims pornography was found on his computer in 2008 and that he had acted inappropriately towards journalist Kate Maltby.

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May added that the report concluded that Green’s “conduct as a minister has generally been both professional and proper”, though Maltby’s allegations against Green were said to be “plausible”.

“I know that you share my commitment to maintaining the high standards which the public demands of ministers of the Crown,” May added.

“It is therefore with deep regret and enduring gratitude for the contribution that you have made over many years, that I asked you to resign from the government and have accepted your resignation.”

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