Ranked: The big banks with the best online banking service in Europe - BBVA beats Barclays and Lloyds

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Some banks are better online than others (Source: Getty)

UK retail banks are falling behind their counterparts on the continent when it comes to their online banking services, new research indicates.

Spanish lender BBVA and Turkey's Garanti Bank were found to be the best for serving customers online, according to the analysis from Forrester.

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UK banks Barclays and Lloyds were ranked mid-table of the 13 banks studied and were found to be close to the average based on a score out of 100 from nearly 50 criteria, such as money management features, marketing of new product and login and security.

BBVA topped the list with a score of 90, while Barclays and Lloyds, the only two UK banks analysed, scored 76 and 74 respectively. The average was 75 banks across eight different countries.

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Barclays was praised for its effective security however, found to be equal to BBVA and behind only CiaxaBank.

"Each of the banks we reviewed does different things well," said the report. "Our research uncovered a wide range of best practices that digital teams at all banks can learn from."

Overall, all the banks were found to offer high level features for everyday banking tasks and transactions, as well as marketing products users and letting them apply for them online. But, most of the banks fell down when it came to pointing customers towards self-service help. And few banks were found to be using customer data to offer money management insights.

Here's how the banks rank:

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