Sriracha, souping and sexy mocktails: These are the foodie trends we'll all be eating in 2018

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Community Takes Legal Action Against Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Over Chile Scent In Air
Sriracha could be replaced in hipster eateries by Korean alternatives (Source: Getty)

Every year a new set of food trends bursts through to the mainstream, and 2018 is no exception.

Based on popular saved pins this year, lifestyle app Pinterest has compiled a list of the top ten food trends set to define the foodie scene in 2018. Get out your shopping list and take note.

Frying that isn't really frying

With saves for "air fryer" up 1809 per cent, it is clear that home cooks want an easier and healthier way to get that crispy fried finish on their food. Air fryers use hot air instead of oil to get a similar effect to your favourite fast food treats.

Soups are now a verb

We all love a good soup in winter. But why settle for the passive noun of a simple soup? Saves of "souping" jumped 209 per cent this year, as those in search of comfort food whiz up whatever they fancy into a liquid hot dinner.

The terrifying return of super coffee

Back in 2014, everyone flipped out over something called "bulletproof coffee", a fat-heavy brew which allegedly helped caffeine to release over a longer period of time. Effectively, people started putting butter in their coffee because the internet told them to. Now, with saves for "healthy coffee" up 218 per cent, caffeine fiends are adding protein powder to their coffees. Delicious.

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North African cuisine is officially en vogue

Clear out your spice cupboard. Cumin, coriander and cardamom are the new must-haves for any meal to impress the dinner party guests, with saves of "Moroccan" ideas up a whopping 2,579 per cent.

Quinoa lives to fight another day

Presumably once Instagram users finish their protein-laden coffees they need to stock up on even more protein. But in our newly flexitarian world, it's "plant proteins" which have seen a 417 per cent increase in saves. No, this isn't that sachet you get strapped to a bunch of flowers, it's just a catchall term for things like hemp, quinoa, and lentils.

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Ghee, thanks

According to Pinterest, we're now living in a "dairy is scary" world. Putting this odd assertion aside, it's clear that more people than ever are looking for butter alternatives, and the lactose-free clarified butter ghee has been saved 155 per cent more frequently this year.

Give peas a chance

Snap peas increased in popularity by 273 per cent, while other people preferred edamame beans. Either way, little green veg is making its way into our diet not just on the side of a meal, but as a snack in their own right.

Sriracha is dead

The ubiquity of Thai hot sauce sriracha at all hipster street food hangouts could be threatened by the rise of Korean condiments, which were saved 222 per cent more this year. Gochujang, a red chilli paste originating from the North Jeolla Province of South Korea, is well on its way to be crowned king of the hot sauces.

Dry December just got a lot easier

Searches for "virgin cocktails" were up 160 per cent as premium mixers and soft drinks grew in popularity. With a range of glamorous mocktail ideas available and Brits drinking an average of 35m fewer pints of beer a year, 2018 looks set to become the year when it's no longer acceptable to only offer party guests a choice of alcohol, water or Ribena. Up your designated driver drinks game please.

Yes, ve-gan

​Spare a thought for vegans this Christmas, as they turn down the brandy butter, Christmas cake and mince pies. It's no wonder more people are getting fed up of going without sweet treats and searching for dairy and egg-free alternatives such as coconut oil and flax seed. Saves of "vegan desserts" were up 329 per cent.

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