London workers short on sleep are willing to splash the cash on getting a rest

Alys Key
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Most Brits regularly press snooze to get an extra bit of sleep (Source: Getty)

The average Londoner would give up a day's wage for an extra hour in bed, while most of the UK's workforce are chronic snoozers.

According to Wonga, the average person living in the capital would spend eight times minimum wage (£61.30) in exchange for an additional hour of asleep. This is higher than the national average of £49.53.

Overwrought employees in the capital are also willing to spend £25 more than the national average for one extra week off work every year.

With so many working adults struggling to get a healthy sleep pattern, it's not surprising that pop-up sleeping pods have been installed in the City this week.


This comes as research from Time 4 Sleep shows that 71 per cent of the nation's working population press snooze on their alarm clocks every day.

Working Brits snooze for 5,000 hours in the average lifetime.

Medical professionals were most prone to snoozing, followed by artists and designers, then marketing professionals.

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