Fancy pants: How a London lawyer jumped ship to make the world's finest underwear

I remember trying to buy underwear for myself and never being able to find anything that fitted properly,” says Luna Mae founder Claudia Lambeth. Instead of settling for something sub-standard, she left a career in law to start her own bespoke lingerie company, ensuring that – for the right price – no woman has to wear ill-fitting undies again.

Luna Mae was founded in 2012, but the first two years were spent developing the perfect bra. “I was basically pulling apart bras, working out the construction, finding ways to make them more comfortable, more luxurious. I looked a lot to Savile Row tailoring, and applied what they do for suits to lingerie.”

When the concept was ready, Lambeth would travel to private homes and hotel suites to meet clients from across the world, many of whom would book her services months in advance. Now she has launched her flagship store in Belgravia, where people can come to her and enjoy a cocktail or a glass of champagne while they’re fitted for their bespoke creations.

“First we ask where they are planning to wear the lingerie – something you might wear in the boardroom would be different to bridal lingerie, for instance. Then we do all the hand-work and hand-sewing in-house, so we really can make anything you like.

We worked on an amazing commission for an American bride who was looking for a gorgeous floor-length robe with really heavy, beaded embroidery; it took about 64 hours of sewing. It was so much work but it looked absolutely stunning, with gorgeous crystal beads, her initials embroidered on the inside, and a pocket that touched her heart – it was a really special piece.”

Lambeth says the average spend is around £3,000-4,000 a fitting, with a bespoke bra starting at £680 for plain silk, but rising to £1,200 or more with embellishments. The lead-time is around six to eight weeks, and if you’re buying for someone else, you can order a personalised gift box to be delivered to their home. If there’s a better Christmas present for the special lady in your life, we don’t know what it is.

For more information or to make a booking visit 75 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, SW1W 9PJ, go to or call 020 7730 6753

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