Shultz demands treaty on "United States of Europe" - and those who don't sign up will be kicked out of EU

Catherine Neilan
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Shultz says a more united Europe would be better placed to deal with mass migration (Source: Getty)

The former president of the European Parliament has called for a treaty to create a "United States of Europe", adding that anyone refusing to sign up should be kicked out of the EU automatically.

German politician Martin Shultz told the SPD during a party congress that the constitutional treaty would establish a United States of Europe, "a Europe that is no threat to its member states, but a beneficial addition".

He wanted to see the creation of this federal entity by 2025, he added.

Shultz, who recently campaigned against Angela Merkel in the German general election, posted his position on Twitter, in both German and English.

He said: "A convention shall draft this treaty in close cooperation with the civil society and the people. Its results will then be submitted to all member states. Any state that won’t ratify this treaty will automatically leave the EU."

He claimed a more united Europe would better be able to meet future challenges, such as climate change, multinational taxation and mass migration. It would also help ward off threats from the rise of far right parties throughout the continent.

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