Government lifts laptop cabin ban on most UK flights from Turkey and Tunisia

Rebecca Smith
The government announced restrictions in March
The government announced restrictions in March (Source: Getty)

The government announced today that the laptop ban in cabins on most UK bound flights from Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt have been lifted, after additional security measures were introduced.

Restrictions on carrying large phones, laptops and tablets in the cabin have been lifted on all UK-bound flights from a crop of airports including Luxor in Egypt and Bodrum in Turkey.

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Laptop ban lifted:
  • Antalya (Turkey)
  • Bodrum (Turkey)
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen (Turkey)
  • Izmir (Turkey)
  • Luxor (Egypt)
  • Tunis-Carthage International (Tunisia)

Passengers on flights where restrictions have been lifted will now be able to take large phones, laptops, tablets and accessories into the cabin with them. The government added that normal cabin baggage restrictions will continue to apply.

Restrictions have also been lifted on a number of individual airlines operating from other airports, and the vast majority of carriers flying from Turkish airports are no longer bound by the restrictions.

The government said information on its site will continue to be updated on an "airport-by-airport basis, once restrictions have been lifted on all affected airlines serving the airport in question".

In March, restrictions were introduced on carrying large electronic devices into the cabin of UK-bound flights from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia.

The government said it had begun lifting the restrictions "after working with the aviation industry and international partners to introduce tough additional security measures".

Some airports are still affected by restrictions, though airlines serving them may be exempt. Passengers have been told to contact their airlines for advice about whether their flights could be affected.

Airports still affected by restrictions:
  • Turkey:
    Istanbul Atatürk
  • Egypt:
    Marsa Alam
  • Saudi Arabia:
  • Jordan:
  • Lebanon:

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