Vince Cable pitches Liberal Democrats as party of business with launch of entrepreneurs' network

Helen Cahill
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Liberal Democrat Leader Sir Vince Cable Speaks At Their Autumn Conference
The Liberal Democrats are pitching themselves as the party of business (Source: Getty)

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable launched a network for entrepreneurs this morning, saying his party was now the “natural home for businesses”.

The Liberal Democrats have set up a Business & Entrepreneurs Network to link senior business figures with the party.

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Cable attacked Labour and the Tory party, saying Jeremy Corbyn was “intent on bashing business and the banks”, while the Conservatives pursued a “damaging hard Brexit”.

He said the Liberal Democrats were campaigning to keep the UK in the Single Market after Brexit.

It comes after Corbyn said it was right that bankers feared the prospect of a Labour government, pledging to fix what he describes as a "broken system".

The Labour leader was responding to concerns raised by Morgan Stanley; the bank has said that a Corbyn government would be worse for investors than a hard Brexit.

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