Ousted vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa returns to Zimbabwe after Robert Mugabe resigns

Alys Key
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Zimbabweans celebrated after Mugabe's resignation (Source: Getty)

The ousted vice president of Zimbabwe whose removal sparked a coup is to take over as president following the resignation of Robert Mugabe.

Having left the country after being fired from his position, Emmerson Mnangagwa is now poised to take over. He arrived back in Zimbabwe today.

Mugabe failed to resign in a speech to the nation on Sunday night, but finally resigned today, halting impeachment proceedings against him.

He said in a letter, which was read out in parliament, that he was resigning in order to ensure a smooth transition of power.

The announcement that he would resign caused celebrations among MPs sitting in the parliament, and quickly spread to the streets of Harare.

The removal of Mnangagwa earlier this month triggered the political crisis which resulted in Mugabe being put under house arrest by the military.

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