Lloyd Blankfein says Goldman Sachs will have two EU hubs after Brexit

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Goldman Sachs' CEO said the bank will have dual hubs in Frankfurt and Paris (Source: Getty)

Goldman Sachs will have hubs in both Paris and Frankfurt after Brexit, the bank's boss has said.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Lloyd Blankfein said the bank will have centres in "the two largest European economies", according to the Financial Times.

"We will have more employees on the continent," he said.

"After [Brexit], it is the people who will largely decide where they prefer to live. And I can imagine that many Americans would prefer to live in Paris than Frankfurt."

Blankfein has been positive about both cities on Twitter in recent weeks. Last week he tweeted:

That came a few weeks after his visit to Frankfurt:

He has also used the platform to stick the knife into London, bemoaning political uncertainty and calling for a second vote on Brexit, which he called a "monumental and irreversible" decision.

He has also said the UK under Jeremy Corbyn would be like "Cuba without the sunshine".

The bank currently employs more than 6,000 staff in London, but has not yet revealed how many jobs will move after Brexit. Its new office, on Holborn Viaduct, will have 1.1m sq ft of space, although it also has the option to take less space.

Goldman is expected to move into its new office in 2019.

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