Nearly two thirds of Heathrow's 20,000 noise complaints came from 10 people during the third quarter of 2017

Rebecca Smith
Heathrow recorded over 20,000 noise complaints over the third quarter
Heathrow recorded over 20,000 noise complaints for the third quarter (Source: Getty)

Nearly two thirds of the 20,642 noise complaints made to Heathrow Airport over the past three months came from 10 people.

According to the airport’s third quarter data on noise complaints, 20,642 complaints were made from July to September this year, and these were made by 1,190 people.

Some 63.2 per cent of the total complaints came from 10 people, racking up 13,038 between them.

While the majority of people contact Heathrow just the once, three people have complained more than 1,280 times between them in the past few months.

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As for where the complaints were coming from, Richmond upon Thames had the highest number of complainants at 318, while 97 came from Windsor and Maidenhead, and 83 from Hounslow.

But Slough has the highest number of actual complaints at 6,315, dwarfing Richmond’s 1,647, despite having just 23 people making them.

It tells a similar tale to the previous quarters this year, with 4,439 complaints from Slough across April to June coming from just 10 people. For that period, 1,259 people made 21,045 complaints.

The noise complaints for the third quarter of 2017 are down on the previous two quarters though, with 21,547 made from January to March this year.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: "Heathrow is quieter than it has been at any time since the 1970s, but we know noise remains a source of concern for local communities.

"In conjunction with our airlines and industry partners, Heathrow is committed to consistently reducing the number of people impacted by aircraft noise, through initiatives including the Fly Quiet and Clean league table and driving forward changes in how aircraft operate through measures like steeper approaches.

"With Heathrow expansion, we will ensure fewer people are impacted by aircraft noise, offer more predictable respite than we can now, and a world-class noise insulation scheme."

The airport first provided its own league table in June of the noisiest and dirties airlines using Heathrow.

Its second quarter report out in September found that Aer Lingus was the cleanest and quietest airline, and Kuwait Airways the noisiest and dirtiest.

On unveiling the league table for the second quarter, Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s head of sustainability, said upgrading aircraft was “the single best way to cut emissions, and to continue to shrink our noise footprint”.

Air India has taken a considerable jump up the rankings after replacing its planes with Boeing Dreamliners that emit 20-25 per cent less CO2.

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