Impeachment of Robert Mugabe expected to go ahead after he fails to resign as leader of Zimbabwe

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Calls for Mugabe's resignation have gone unheeded (Source: Getty)

Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe has refused to step down from his position, triggering an impeachment process against him.

The president had been expected to announce his resignation during his speech, after anonymous sources told Reuters that he was going to step down instead of being ousted.

This comes after he was sacked by his party Zanu-PF and told that if he did not stand down as president by noon tomorrow (10am UK time) they would begin impeachment processes against him.

War veterans leader Chris Mutsvangwa has now told Reuters that the impeachment plans will go ahead.

Zanu-PF parliamentarian Temba P. Mliswa also confirmed this, tweeting: "We're impeaching him." He went on to say that Mugabe had "compromised everything".

Speaking on state broadcaster ZBC, Mugabe spoke at length about the unrest of the past few days, during which he has been on house arrest. But he made no mention of stepping down and said that he would preside over congress in a few days, ignoring that he has been sacked by his own party.

He said that, moving forward, "we cannot be guided by bitterness or vengefulness, both of which would not make us any better party members or any better Zimbabweans".

He went on to talk about the "promising agricultural season" and said he was confident that the nation would be "refocused" on this in the near future.

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