Candy Crush founders fund mother connecting app Peanut

Oliver Gill
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Candy Crush recently celebrated its fifth birthday (Source: Getty)

Candy Crush founders Sweet Capital is backing a new app designed to connect “like-minded mamas”.

Peanut is aimed “a mobile-first generation of women”, allowing them to “chat, meet up with, and learn”.

The app already has 160,000 members, generating 17m swipes.

Peanut uses machine learning and algorithms to understand user behaviour, personalise the experience and create “more meaningful connections”.

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“Through our Candy Crush experience, we know that women love to support other women on smartphones all over the world,” said Sweet Capital co-founder Christian Dorffer.

Kennedy added: “Women deserved a product reflective of modern motherhood, and we're so happy that Peanut can provide that.”

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