Pound's resurgence fails to put off tourists flooding into Britain

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Fire Engulfs Grand Pier In Weston-Super-Mare
Popular UK tourist hotspots like Weston-Super-Mare continue to attract tourists despite the pound's resurgence (Source: Getty)

The number of overseas visitors flocking to Britain rose in August, according to official figures released today.

Some 3.9m overseas visits were made during the month, up five per cent compared with August 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

And while spending by tourists in the UK rose by three per cent to £2.8bn, this was in the face of UK prices becoming comparatively more expensive as the pound regained ground.

Sterling has strengthened against the US dollar since April, yet on a 12-month rolling basis visitor numbers are still on the up.

Rolling 12 month visitors to UK compared to USD strength against GBP (Source: ONS and spot FX rates)

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Staying at home

The attractiveness of Britain to those coming from overseas contrasts with the popularity of venturing overseas for Britons.

With 8.9m sorties abroad, there was a three per cent decline in the number of trips abroad by UK residents in August.

But despite the fall in the number of Brits heading beyond Blighty, spending rose by one per cent to £6.2bn, the ONS said.

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