London's crackdown on diesel continues: Islington council to introduce diesel surcharge for short stay parking

Rebecca Smith
The council says the surcharge will help discourage the use of diesel vehicles
The council says the surcharge will help discourage the use of diesel vehicles (Source: Getty)

Islington council has announced today that from January, a £2 per hour surcharge will be enforced on diesel vehicles using short stay parking, amid greater efforts to improve the capital's air quality.

The rollout follows a trial by Westminster council, which kicked off in April, charging 50 per cent more for diesel cars parked in Marylebone.

Islington council said its borough suffered from some of the highest pollution levels in London, and was introducing the short stay parking surcharge across its thousands of parking bays, on top of the extra diesel payment in place for resident parking permits.

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It has calculated that over a quarter of the 1.59m short stay visitor sessions are made by diesel and heavy oil vehicles, and the council said the surcharge should help reduce harmful emissions.

Councillor Claudia Webbe, Islington Council's executive member for environment and transport, said: “London is on the brink of an air-quality emergency, with traffic pollutants linked to health problems that are shortening the lifespans of residents.

“Islington straddles several major thoroughfares, with huge amounts of traffic putting out toxic diesel pollutants stopping in the borough every day."

She added:

We hope that this measure will encourage owners of diesel vehicles to switch to cleaner, more sustainable modes of transport and lead to improved air quality in the borough.

We should not forget though that air quality is a problem for all London residents and we would encourage other local authorities to consider implementing a borough-wide diesel surcharge.

London's mayor Sadiq Khan has said the capital's air quality is among his top priorities, with the introduction of the £10 T-Charge last month.

The emissions surcharge means vehicles in the area will need to meet minimum exhaust emission standards, or drivers will have to pay a daily £10 charge on top of the congestion charge.

Khan said London "now has the world's toughest emission standard", with plans for an ultra-low emission zone to be introduced in 2019.

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