On-demand air taxi service Waves launches today and it's already eyeing expansion across England and Europe

Rebecca Smith
The company wants to expand further to serve southern England and parts of Europe
The company wants to expand further to serve southern England and parts of Europe (Source: Waves)

A new service billed as an on-demand air taxi to bring private plane travel to the masses, launches today.

Waves will provide an on-demand air taxi service for both passengers and freight, operating between the Channel Islands, after securing an air operator certificate in September.

It has since applied for a wider licence to allow it to offer services across the UK and Europe, with plans to expand operations to the likes of the south of France, Spain and Italy, and southern England next year.

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Waves chief executive Nick Magliocchetti said upon moving to Guernsey he found that air travel was a regular gripe for residents, due to the expense.

His new air taxi service wants to make use of existing airfields to help reduce the pressure on major transport hubs, with a commitment to cutting journey times, such as reducing a trip between Guernsey and Jersey to 40 minutes.

The firm uses a fixed price model, with passengers able to book a flight on-demand via an app, buy an empty seat on an existing flight, or arrange their own flight to suit their dates and times.

"Over the last decade, the number of people travelling inter-island has fallen by 100,000, we want to recapture those people – not compete with existing operators," Magliocchetti said. "There is definitely demand beyond the existing offering, and Waves is already living proof of that. We get dozens of requests every day from islanders wanting to either travel with us or to arrange the transport of freight."

Waves, which is in the final stages of testing a booking system and security app, is also launching on crowdfunding site Seedrs to raise £500,000 in order to expand its operations further and bring on board more pilots.

Magliocchetti added: “The Channel Islands are the perfect place to launch what is a ground-breaking idea when it comes to air travel. Listing with Seedrs will allow us to grow and subsequently offer our tech-led solution to other jurisdictions across the world.”

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