The price of bitcoin is back over $7,400 after its weekend dive

Lynsey Barber
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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Is Booming
Bitcoin chatter is rising along with the price (Source: Getty)

The price of Bitcoin has inched over $7,400 early on Thursday morning, soaring back over the $7,000 mark.

The cryptocurrency surged past that value back in early November for the very first time, hitting an all-time high of $7,882. But over the past weekend it had plunged below $6,000.

The decision last week to shelve a split of bitcoin to increase capacity had made the already volatile cryptocurrency jumpy.

The price of bitcoin may be up and down, but the conversation around it just keeps rising - Twitter today published a blog post about the discussion with a chart noting the the volume of tweets about bitcoin and its price rise.

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(Source: Twitter)

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