HonestBrew is funding small breweries with a new investment scheme

Alys Key
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Verdant Brewing Co. will be the first to benefit from the scheme (Source: Verdant/HonestBrew)

Online craft beer retailer HonestBrew is starting an investment fund to help breweries grow, and will ask its beneficiaries to pay back in the form of beer.

The website, which sells products from independent breweries and runs a subscription service for craft beer lovers, will split £50,000 a year between small beer producers.

Once the breweries have used the cash to expand capacity with new equipment, they will then be asked to pay HonestBrew back in beer to be stocked on its online bottleshop.

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“We’ve been vocal about supporting independent breweries in the past; now it’s time for us to put our money where our mouth is," said HonestBrew founder Andrew Reeve. "The HonestBrew Investment Fund will not only contribute to the growth of independent breweries, but it will also ensure our customers are getting more of the beers they love."

Cornwall-based Verdant Brewing Co. is the first to receive money. The fund will allow the small business to buy new fermentation tanks.

“The HonestBrew investment fund is quite simply a no-brainer," said Adam Robertson of Verdant Brewing Co. "We get to increase our capacity and upscale our business, and they get to have the beer they want available to their customers."

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