Sainsbury's Christmas advert: Watch the karaoke-style #everybitof Christmas singalong here

Caitlin Morrison
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Sainsbury's unveiled its Christmas ad today (Source: Getty)

Sainsbury’s has gone down a slightly different path with its Christmas ad this year.

While last year’s screamed big budget - it was an original animated musical featuring the voice of Stateside superstar James Corden - the ad airing today has a more homemade feel to it.

The supermarket has got staff, members of the public and a few famous faces involved in a karaoke-style singalong advert.

The song ‘Every Bit Of Christmas’ is designed to be charming, of course, and it probably will come across that way the first few dozen times it’s heard. After two weeks of airtime, it’s possible public opinion will start to turn, although it’s been stuck in my head for three days now and I have to say, I don’t really mind. The lyrics, written by comedian and actor Ben “Doc Brown” Smith, are displayed on-screen throughout the ad - Sainsbury’s wants everyone to learn this song.

A more pared-down advert could well resonate more strongly with consumers who have considerably less cash to splash this Christmas. And it’s a change from the flashy, no-expense spared mini-movies we’ve come to expect each year.

There is no merchandise associated with the ad, the supermarket hasn’t created any new mascot and associated cuddly toys, which will be a welcome relief for pestered parents already struggling to fulfil Christmas wishes.

Maybe I’m falling for the gimmick they don’t want us to see, but my money’s on Sainsbury’s to be the favourite ad this festive season.

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