Uber's hooking up with Nasa to bring flying cars a step closer to reality by 2020 in Los Angeles and beyond


Taxi! UberAir wants to make flying cars (Source: Uber)

Uber says its vision for flying cars are closer to take off after a deal with Nasa to work on a system for managing airspace together.

The ride-hailing startup's ambitious plans for a network of pod-like flying taxis that zoom around the sky were first revealed in April. And now it says it will partner with Nasa to create a traffic management system for low-flying ariel vehicles.

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Los Angeles has also been added to a list of cities where it is aiming to demonstrate the technology in action by 2020 and even more ambitiously, it wants to make it commercially viable by the time the city hosts the Olympics in 2028.

Just two years away, the firm has created a computer generated impression of what it thinks UberAir will look like in a futuristic looking video.

The vehicles will need a place to land, and Uber said its signed a deal with a property firm in the notoriously congestion choked Californian city which has 20 potential spots for the so-called Skyports.

Dallas and Dubai will also host the robotaxis, which Uber claims will cost the same as an UberX ride and could travel at a speed of up to 200mph.

Uber is just one of several tech companies attempting to make the flying car a reality.