Guernsey's top politician says Paradise Papers were timed to benefit the EU in Brexit talks

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Nicola Sturgeon Hosts The 26th Annual British-Irish Council Summit Meeting
Gavin St Pier meets with Nicola Sturgeon (Source: Getty)

Guernsey's top politician has said the release of the Paradise Papers was designed to strengthen the EU's position in Brexit talks.

The complex tax arrangements of various public figures and institutions have been exposed this week with the leak of the so-called Paradise Papers, which detail the offshore investments by the Queen, Donald Trump's commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, and others.

Guernsey has not yet been mentioned in the papers, but the island's chief minister Gavin St Pier has attacked the leak, saying it is politically motivated.

"The Council for EU Finance Ministers is meeting today in Brussels, they will all come out this afternoon and piously and earnestly say how important it is that the UK cleans up its act with the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies," he told the BBC.

"We are an integral part of the UK's financial services industry and ecosystem, which is the strongest in the EU...This serves the EU's agenda particularly well in the Brexit negotiations."

Yesterday Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was forced to clarify his comments on the Paradise Papers after appearing to suggest the Queen should apologise for her private estate investing in offshore funds.

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