This airline is weighing passengers before they board flights

Sarra Gray
Finnair planes are grounded at Helsinki
Finnair is asking to weigh passengers before the get onto flight (Source: Getty)

A Finnish airline is asking passengers to step on the scales before boarding their flight.

Finnair has asked passengers at Helsinki Airport to weigh themselves before they get onto their flight to help it get more accurate information about the, er, corpulence of its passengers.

Finnair said this information will help it calculate weight, fuel and safety on its planes more accurately.

The airline currently uses European Aviation Safety Agency estimations from 2009, which it says gives the weights of passengers as 88kg for a male, 70kg for a female and 35kg for a child.

Now, Finnair wants to gather its own data and insists the move is not designed to single out passengers for their size. The weigh-in is voluntary and anonymous, and only the customer service agent will be able to see the result.

Päivyt Tallqvist, communications director at Finnair, said:

We expect that we will need at least 2,000 customers, and we are continuing the project during the rest of this year and next spring, to get data from different routes and also from different seasons. For example, at winter time people have heavy winter coats, while in summer time people travel with lighter clothing.

Similar studies have been carried out by other airlines: Finnair itself organised a similar study in the 1980s.

Tallqvist added: "The initial reaction by our customers has been positive, people understand the importance of this, and we have been very happy that so many people already volunteered to be a part of this."

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